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Devops wanted

Shanghai | Posted: 23 april 2021, number: 14707

Devops wanted

Coderbunker 23 april 2021 3737
  • Employment: Freelance / Project 


Coderbunker is looking for Devops

Several jobs are waiting for the right candidates with Devops skills.

If you have some of the key skills listed below, please contact us!



github actions, GIT, gitlab or Bitbucket


  • Build the operation and maintenance system of the company's products (including but not limited to automation tools and processes)
  • Responsible for application system audit, deployment, release, monitoring, maintenance and optimization
  • Responsible for emergency management, problem tracking, operation and maintenance report and summary
  • Meet the specific requirements of the team: configuration management, basic operation and maintenance, optimization and improvement of online application operation quality
  • Develop and maintain configuration management and automation software
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD tools and processes

Automated testing:


Jenkins, CircleCi, Puppeteer & Selenium


  • Assist the team to deal with daily online faults and monitor performance and safety anomalies
  • Take the initiative to find out the problems and hidden dangers in the production environment and deal with the requirements in time
  • Implement and maintain monitoring, logging and alerting
  • Support with troubleshooting and security measures in staging and production environments
  • Monitor application performance metrics of our AWS based infrastructure
  • Ensure security and scalability of deployed solutions

System Administrator:


  • Docker, k8s/Kubernetes & Terraform
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible & SaltStack
  • Linux operating system -Centos, Debian, RedHat or Suze
  • Web Servers : Apache, NGINX
  • Scripting (not compiled code) : Python / Shell / Bash / Php / Js


  • Cloud architecture consulting, private, public & hybrid cloud hosting, orchestration and outsourcing, support for containerization, acceleration of dissemination, secure hosting and distribution, financial compliance (PCI-DSS) and personal (RGPD, HDS).
  • Create and manage global cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable and performant
  • Support and guide the team with DevOps best-practices
  • Participate in software architecture design discussions
  • Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Develop deployment strategies for new services
  • Maintain a comprehensive hardware inventory and network topology map

Database management / administrator


  • Relation/SQL DB: MySQL, PostGreSQL or Oracle
  • NoRelational: NoSQL DB: MongoDB & AWS AuroraDB
  • Kafka - to handle real-time data between DB and the rest of the app

Past experience that is nice to have for senior positions:

  • Familiar with DevOps & Agile methodology
  • Have the actual operation and maintenance experience of more than 5 million users
  • Familiar with Linux operating system
  • Familiar with relational database
  • Familiar with with Continuous integration and deployment architecture and strategies
  • Familiar with containerisation and orchestration techniques
  • Practical experience in redis cluster, elasticsearch cluster, Relational Database System
  • Experienced as Cloud Engineer: AWS, Alicloud, Tencent or Azure service experience
  • Experience in mobile app CI / CD and shelf automation
  • Experience with configuration management (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, …)
  • Familiar with Linux operating system -Centos, Debian, RedHat or Suze-
  • Familiar with Web Servers: Apache, NGINX
  • Familiar with Database administration Services: Mysql PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Knowledge with the following software: Varnish, Apache, Tomcat & Memcached

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