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SEO Expert

Shanghai | Posted: 10 january 2022, number: 14847

SEO Expert

Sekkei Studio 10 january 2022 870
  • Employment: Full-time 


Sekkei Studio is looking for an experienced SEO expert to join our team full of fun, hard work, and innovative thinking.

We hope you have teamwork skills because you will work with project managers, copywriters, web developers, and designers. The SEO expert reports to the SEO/SEM manager, who provides direction, strategy, and deliverables for each client.

Requirement: Fluent in English

Main responsibilities:

• Promote the overall on-site and off-site Baidu SEO strategy and execution

• Manage and improve the performance and goal setting of natural search engines based on click-through rate, traffic, and conversion rate

• Keep up to date with the latest developments in SEO and search engine trends to ensure that SEO strategies and website architecture keep up with evolving search practices, including mobile web optimization

• Implement link development activities to increase the number of links/domains to group assets

• Develop technical strategies on URL structure, specifications, structured markup, information architecture, and page speed

• Review and revise content templates to promote W3C-compliant changes and improve the crawlability of search engines

• Provide suggestions for changes to the site structure, content, internal links, and other factors to improve the SEO position and online visibility of targeted keywords

• Define backlinks/link building strategies

• Find adequate platforms for backlinks/link building

• Write SEO reports in English

Key skills and experience

• At least 2 years of search engine optimization experience

• Google/Baidu analysis skills

• In-depth understanding of the search engine optimization (SEO) process

• Experience in using CMS in multiple CMS environments and building/managing content

• Basic understanding of web technologies: HTML, CSS

• Ability to handle back-end SEO elements, such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata, site speed optimization, etc.

• Fluent in English

• Knowledge in Baidu advertising and Tencent advertising is a big advantage

Position: Full-time

Work location: Shanghai

Salary: Depends on experience

Benefits: national holiday + 10 days paid annual leave in the first year, 15 days paid annual leave from the second year

Regular team activities


Sekkei Studio 正在寻找一位经验丰富的 SEO专家加入我们充满乐趣、勤奋、创新思维的团队。

希望您具有团队合作能力,因为该职位将与项目经理、作家、网站开发人员和设计师以及 SEO 经理合作。还需要一般的业务管理技能和管理内容开发过程的能力。 SEO专家向 SEO/SEM 经理报告,该经理为每个客户提供方向、策略和可交付成果。

要求: 英语听说读写流利


• 推动整体内外及百度SEO 的策略和执行

• 根据点击率、流量和转化率管理和改进自然搜索引擎的性能和目标设定

• 及时了解 SEO 和搜索引擎趋势的最新发展,以确保 SEO 策略和网站架构跟上不断发展的搜索实践,包括移动端页面优化

• 实施链接开发活动以增加指向集团资产的链接/域的数量

• 制定有关 URL 结构、规范、结构化标记、信息架构和页面速度的技术策略

• 审查和审核内容模板以推动符合 W3C 标准的更改并提高搜索引擎的抓取能力

为更改网站架构、内容、内部链接和其他因素提供建议,以提高目标关键字的 SEO 位置和在线可见性

• 定义反向链接/链接建设策略

• 为反向链接找到足够的平台

• 用英语写 SEO 报告


• 至少 2 年的搜索引擎优化经验

• 谷歌/百度分析技能

• 深入了解搜索引擎优化 (SEO) 流程

• 具有在多个 CMS 环境中使用 CMS 和构建/管理内容的经验

• 基本了解 Web 技术:HTML、CSS

• 能够处理后端 SEO 元素,例如 .htaccess、robots.txt、元数据、站点速度优化等

• 英语听说读写流利

• 了解百度广告和腾讯广告是一大优势






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