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Perks for Startups #supportstartups Initiative

Coronavirus is impacting many companies, from big corporations to small startups. In these challenging times, startups need as much support as they can get. 
It can be a software donation, discounts, giveaways, free service or co-working space, consultation, etc. 
If you are in a position to help, please send us an email at
 We are excited to share what
we have collected so far! 
1. AWS Activate China
AWS Activate China is a program designed to provide your startup with the resources you need to get started on AWS. The Portfolio Package includes up to ¥175,000 or up to $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credits, where the exact amount is determined by the organization through which you apply.
Startups that sign up through weHustle can receive a minimum of ¥10,000 or $1,500 in AWS Promotional Credits. Please sign up in the link provided and AWS customer service will contact you to assist with the account registration process.
AWS 云创计划旨在为您的初创公司提供免费的起步云资源和技术服务。若您的公司已经获得风险投资或者入驻 AWS 云创计划合作的孵化器和联合办公空间,最高可获得175,000 CNY 或 25,000 USD AWS服务抵扣券。
通过weHustle申请AWS云创计划的初创公司可最低获得10,000 CNY 或 1,500 USD AWS服务抵扣券。请通过申请链接填写联系信息,AWS客服人员会尽快联系帮您完成AWS账户注册流程。
2. KaiZao - Consumer Co-Creation Community
We are a Consumer Co-Creation Community named KaiZao. We provide corporations crowdsourced solutions through interactions with consumer communities so that to help the corporations getting feedback from the market, reducing risks of launching new products, pool the wisdom and effort from outside; creating products that users really like, and even cultivate seed users community.
Since KaiZao launched at the end of 2017, we have 10,000+ consumer creators, 5000+ ideas, and one co-created product won the iF Design Award 2020.
For this service, we would like to offer it free of charge for a month.
All the small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, which are affected by the epidemic, welcome to come to us. 
KaiZao's website:
3. RÉSO: Free Brand & Marketing Consulting Services
During this turbulent time, at RÉSO we are offering free Brand & Marketing Consulting Services for 1 hour on every Wednesday and Friday until end of June, 2020 to all SMEs.
We are specialized in Branding ( brand story & positioning),  Marketing Strategy, PR, Digital Strategy, Community Building, Co-branding Strategy and Localization.  
Industry focused on but not limited to: AI. Robotic, Cloud, Big Data, Fin-tech, Education and Lifestyle Brands. 
B-LABS (a Hangzhou-based incubator co-led by OK Group, Canaan Blockchain and Yangtz Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University)
1. “Flight Membership” benefits: ¥268/3-month or ¥468/6-month, including usage of 18-hour of hot desk and 4-hour of meeting rooms;
2. Free corporate registration service for high-tech startups when on-board; 
3. Consultation for enterprise subsidies application;
4. 50% discount for use of the roadshow area.
WeChat: xuxinran5027
1. 优惠价格享受飞行会员权益:268元/季度,468/半年(包括流动工位18小时/月,会议室4小时/月);
2. 为成功入驻的高新科技型企业免费提供工商注册服务;
3. 小微企业创业补贴政策咨询及申报;
4. 5折价格预订空间路演区1次.
微信联系: xuxinran5027 
5. nihub Innovation Center
Hangzhou based nihub Innovation Center is one of China's leading landing pad's for western startups and entrepreneurs looking to scale in the world's largest market.
nihub gives free access to its co-working facilities for all startups until the end of the year.
6. Micro consultation by Agora Spark
Micro consultation by Agora Spark: Entrepreneurs can face very challenging situations and don’t have all the expertise to address them. Whether it is about design, software engineering, marketing, finance, management... There are just too many questions and entrepreneurs need support. Agora experts teamed up to help startups face these challenges with proper guidance.
You can apply for a 1-hour one to one micro consultations package for free and receive professional reports to guide you into growing your business.
7. Free logo from - a smart logo maker that can design your logo, create matching business cards, and build a complete brand! We offer our logo design tool complete FREE. To claim the free logo, just enter the coupon code: supportstartup at checkout to download the design for free.
We are the Overseas Chinese Enterprise Association (OCEA). Our mission is to provide overseas Chinese professionals, startups and young entrepreneurs with a resourceful online and offline platform for business partnership, incubation and cultural exchange. 
Under this turbulent time, OCEA would like to offer the following free services to support all enterprises, especially startups in Shanghai.
  1. Free ONE month hot desk in any one of OCEA Hub centre
  2. Free ONE hour usage of any event hall, meeting room or co-working space
  3. Free business matching service consultation
Scan the QR code to consult and apply

9Purposely Healthy

As we go through these testing times, the focus on health and wellbeing hasn’t been greater than it is now. At Purposely Healthy, a professional and licensed Health Coaching Company we specialize in helping individuals and groups achieve their personal and group health goals. We are offering individuals and companies with a free consultation. Purposely healthy provides broad-based motivational and practical learning approaches that better equip the individual or company group to make sustainable, balanced and holistic health and lifestyle choices. Purposely Healthy approaches each client as an individual and thus its offerings are tailor made for each case.

A free 40 minute consultation

10. ALL-YEAR-RENT-OFF subsidy support

XNode Jingan Space is under an ALL-YEAR-RENT-OFF subsidy support. New client renting office has the chance to enjoy up to 3-year rent waive and 60% off discount on total rent.

More details. Scan to apply!


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