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The Founders Breakfast 创早


weHustle​ hosts weekly meetups for founders, where everyone is welcome to introduce their projects, share current challenges, dilemmas and seek for feedback and comments from fellow entrepreneurs. It's a place to connect, exchange, and help each other grow. We are all busy, hustling every day to achieve our goals. The entrepreneurial journey is a roller coaster, and we all need support and advice from a fellow hustler. Join us for more insightful breakfast on Friday mornings!



Who should join? 谁来参与?

We encourage entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and experienced professionals who feel like giving back to the community and want to help others grow to join founders breakfasts.


We discourage salespeople with a single purpose to generate leads from joining these meetups.



How do we do it? 我们做些什么?

We kick off with a round table introduction to break the ice and get to know each other a little bit better. Share some challenges, requests, or recent achievements so we can cheer to that ;) Monologues turn into dialogues, brainstorming, giving comments and sharing experiences. Oh yes, and we enjoy our omelets with salmon and coffee.



We meet every Friday at 8 am, rain or shine.
周五早上 8 点,与我们见面,风雨无阻。
Shanghai, Puxi, Baker & Spice
195 Anfu Lu
Shanghai, Pudong, Baker & Spice
899 Pudong Nan Lu
Hangzhou, Wagas
Yan'an Lu Kerry Centre 1F

Want to host The Founders Breakfast in your city? We are happy to support you with our resources and marketing channels. Please send us an email at with the title The Founders Breakfast.

想在您所在的城市举办创始人早餐会吗?我们很高兴通过我们的资源和营销渠道为您提供支持。请发送电子邮件至,标题为The Founders Breakfast。


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