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Startup & innovation consulting

weHustle is a Shanghai-based startup and innovation consulting agency that helps organizations implement new growth and business strategies. By collaborating and partnering with startups, incubators, corporations, and government entities, weHustle has a unique position in the innovation ecosystem. In today's rapidly changing world, innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. We provide guidance and direction to companies looking to innovate and drive growth.

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For corporations, tech parks, and incubators


As the importance of innovation continues to grow, corporations must increasingly look to the startup ecosystem for inspiration and new opportunities for growth. At weHustle, we specialize in helping corporations engage with startups and other innovation-focused organizations in order to drive innovation and achieve new levels of success.

& Workshops

Encouraging outside-the-box thinking within corporate environments is crucial for driving change and staying competitive. At weHustle, we assist corporations in organizing innovation events and workshops to empower their employees and foster a culture of innovation.


Partnering with external innovation ecosystem stakeholders is essential for digital transformation and staying competitive in today's fast-paced business environment. At weHustle, we help corporations build their own innovation networks and connect with the resources and expertise they need to drive digital transformation.


weHustle helps companies establish a foothold in China. Our extensive network of connections and knowledge of local resources can save you time, money, and energy as you navigate the Chinese market. By connecting you with the right people and resources, we can help you succeed in China and achieve your business goals.


More than just an agency


TECOM is a premier international technology and innovation conference held in multiple cities across China. Our goal is to bring together a diverse, inclusive community of local and international innovators and industry leaders. At the conference, startups, incubators, and innovative corporations showcase their value and mission, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Join us for a dynamic and engaging event that brings together the most vibrant and forward-thinking members of the tech community.





Founders Breakfast

Founders Breakfast is a weekly meetup connecting startups and founders to the entrepreneurial ecosystem via expert talks and trustful connections. Every Friday our members connect with their peers to learn, grow and support each other throughout their respective entrepreneurial journeys. They are encouraged to share their startup stories, discuss current challenges, and seek support from fellow entrepreneurs. Founders Breakfast, powered by weHustle, is a community to connect, exchange, support, grow and achieve goals together.






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